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PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CLUB SUBSCRIPTION RISES TO £15-00 JANUARY 2019. Please ensure you amend your standing order to accommodate the increase.  

John Sootheran from Warners Group has contacted the club with the following information. If you are interested can you please contact John Marsland in the first instance.
We’re seeking a caravan or two to be included in features.
We need a caravan with a chipped, dented or cracked shower tray, basin or sink, for a free repair by a company called Plastic Surgeon, who would restore the damage to ‘as-new’ condition. 
They say: " Don’t be deceived by the name, it’s not only plastic we repair! We can repair almost any surface/material from wood to ceramic and plastic to metal.  Typical repairs inside a caravan or motorhome might be: Chipped, scratched, dented worktop,  Burned worktop,  Chipped sink/basin,  Stained shower tray.  
We’re also looking for a upscale caravan that needs a worktop makeover for a feature with a company called Trend Transformations. They create bespoke ‘granite’ worktops which slot over the existing worktop. Obviously there’s some weight gain, but I’ve been assured the they are relatively thin and lightweight. I guess you’d need to allow about 10kg, but we could check before fitting.  Both makeovers would be done for free.

After contacting John Marsland, you will be required to send photographs so the technical team can decide if your van is suitable.


The FICC International Rally 2018 is being held near Berlin 27July –4August 2018.

We are considering ending a  European tour at this event ,and wondered if anyone thought it might have legs for a C.O.C group to meet up at this venue for a few days.

Website is www.ficcrallye2018.de for full details.

I know parties have attended in the past and thought as it wasn't too far there might be some interest.

Contact via the usual channels for anyone interested. John and Jenny.


Ben Hackney-Williams from Caravan Magazine came to the rally at Harbury in 2015 and interviewed Cecil Gardner. Hope you will enjoy reading the full interview Click here

Ben has also wrote two articles about The Caravan Club Caravanner of the Year Competition which as you will know was won be Jenny and John Marsland, click here for a news story The Results and for an opinion piece about the programme. Follow The Caravan Magazine on Facebook and on twitter.


Gas Bottles.

We have had two experiences in 2016 of being almost unable to locate full Calor 3.9 Propane bottles. Once in West Midlands and once in Herts/Cambs area.Both times resulted in 70 mile+ tours of several outlets, before locating one.

This weekend we have discussed the situation with the Wardens at Chapel Lane CAMC site to find they have had similar problems at times over the last two years.

We wanted to warn anyone using the 3.9 Propane to make sure you have enough gas on board for each trip.  John and Jenny Marsland


Check out the events page for this years events.

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News from Steve Dale -  Gas Lights 

We have managed to find a supplier for replacement gas lights and hope that this is of interest to other members. 

CCG 2049 Nova Gas Light wall light, Truma Nova gaslight NLZS  operating pressure 30 mbar with thermo-electric safety ignition device, complete with shade, output approx 60 W. Ideal for lighting up those out of the way places, Propane. £123.20 . 

Web site  wwwcaravanparts.co.uk    Tel 01295 269163 Fax  01295 269163 Visit the section on classic parts


News from John Marsland.

I have had a hitch damper made to pattern. It is gas filled with 28 adjustment stages so should be suitable for different models. The makers have established a part number for us and can produce the item in less than a week from receiving payment. The price is £99.99 plus post and packing but we should be able to negotiate a batch discount dependant on demand.
I will bring the damper to Coniston for inspection by anyone interested.
For any further information please contact   John Marsland 

If members have any news, pictures or stories they would like to see published on this page please forward to Jacqui. Thank you